About The Concrete Butterfly


Women of strength. Women who stand in their truth.  Women who create their own narrative.

Every Woman Has a Story


Starting out as a blog chronicling coming of age in New York City, The Concrete Butterfly has evolved into much more. The Concrete Butterfly is a lifestyle blog committed to creating inspiring, motivational and informative content for women. The Concrete Butterfly seeks to encourage women to live a life of purpose and create a life that they love no matter the obstacle they face.


Just who is JB Allen?

I love to write and create.

I’ve been writing since I fell in love with reading and now the characters in my head refuse to leave me alone. I am currently working on writing and publishing my debut novel “In the Shadows of The Hawk” and a collection of poetry.

When I’m not writing at The Concrete Butterfly, you can find me living and sharing my best life with my husband and son. I enjoy making noise with anything percussion, traveling and experiencing different cultures (food in particular) and beekeeping.

You can find me writing about all of the above here and sharing the stories of women who inspire here.

Thank you for visiting!