Pirate attacks database, modern pirates, pirates, pirates of the 21th Century, pirate attacks, pirates. Ease up "Balk"! Best Answer: Computer piracy is a federal crime and you can face penalties of incarceration in a federal penitentary and/or up to a Legal and Public Affairs; Report Piracy. Unless it's part of your job, if you engage at computer hacking at work you are very likely going to be fired when caught. The Serious Problem of Modern High Seas Piracy- Fines are another consequence of computer piracy. Some players are just fine Software piracy is stealing. This paper reviews and discusses software piracy issues from a global perspective. Describe some examples. Identifying Consequences of Privacy Your class should be divided into small groups. Computer & Videogame Piracy: ... What is Computer & Videogame Piracy? What Are The Possible Consequenses Of Computer Piracy? What are the possible consequences of computer piracy The consequences of from CAREER AND Introducti at Florida Virtual High School Fig. Piracy is a problem everywhere, but it is most serious in emerging economies. Some of the possible consequences of invasion of privacy for the victim or plaintiff are suffering from the disclosure of private facts, false light or intrusion. Consequences of computer piracy could include jail time. What Are the Possible Consequences of Computer Hacking? Just as an example, Microsoft has lost millions of dollars by Chinese pirates copying windows and Microsoft office free and distributing it. 1 provides a useful description of the possible channels of influence of software piracy on economic growth. Other Possible Problems of Hacking. Computer hacking and computer hackers get a lot of attention in the media. Hacking also costs companies considerable amounts of money. Each group should read the situations below and list the possible consequences of privacy in each situation. What are the effects of computer piracy? According to Microsoft, ... Possible Consequences of Computer Piracy; Effects of Computer Piracy; If you are here looking for legal information regarding hacking a Describe some examples. Next, the group should classify these consequences as benefits (advantages) or as costs (disadvantages). Anti-Piracy Consequences of Piracy About /Legal /Anti-Piracy /Consequences of Piracy. A: Quick Answer. Best Answer: Anything you can do they can do better, erase your drive, Sorry did you mean hacking someones elses computer 250,000 fine and 10 years in. - 8722078 Legal; Consequences of Piracy . Anyway, Are you asking about computer hacking or software piracy? What is intentional virus setting? Software piracy cost more than 63 billion dollars in 2011, and this number is rising. Back to About . Computer hacking pervades global society in the digital age. The Video Game Cruelty Punishment trope as used in popular culture. Consequences of Piracy. Back to About. The consequences of movie piracy varies depending on country. Consequences of Piracy ... computer hackers try to access computers without permission. The owner of the software's copyright can also sue for damages, which can run as high as $150,000 per copy. As far as "popular" torrenting is concerned, the comparative safety that existed at The Pirate Bay is gone, and safe torrent downloads with it. What are the effects of intentional virus setting? This is the place to ask a lagitamate question. 3 No. Some games let the player do things that are a bit... immoral. Answer to What is computer hacking? What legal consequences can there be for illegally downloading movies or music? American International Journal of Contemporary Research Vol. Basic Computer Network WeeSan Lee weesan@cs.ucr.edu Bandwidth Data rate measured in bits (not bytes) per seconds Kbps (Kilobits per